things you should know about tunisia


things you should know about tunisia

If you are used to the subtle, anonymous clicking of online shopping, the souk, which is divided into several areas specializing in leather, olive wood, textiles, copper, jewelry, ceramics, perfumes, food, kitchen appliances, religious books, and the gaudy, satin-quilted glory of Arab weddings, might feel overwhelming. Public transport is a challenge. With its white domed houses and blue-painted doors, the clifftop town of Sidi Bou Said is Grecian in its beauty. Just an hour outside of the city there are white sand beaches and turquoise waters, ancient Phoenician forts, and hammams built into rock caves. We share 5 things you need to know. Submit Read More. You can find alcohol in some bars, hotel lobbies, and restaurants (particularly in the suburbs) though many places will stop serving drinks before midnight. Tunisian women do not generally frequent these places. Doolesha is an old Tunisian dialect word that roughly translates to strolling at a slow pace for pleasure, and it’s the only way to explore the old medina (city). Africa is … Cutting the hide into thin strips and resewing them, Dido managed to form the surprisingly large perimeter of Carthage. Harissa is better than ketchup. For lone female travellers, the hoots, whistles, kisses, and ‘compliments’ found in so many cities across the world will be the soundtrack to your walks, particularly in the souk and downtown. Table of Contents. Guides & Tips 8 Perfect Gifts For People Obsessed … Christiania: 11 Things to Know About Copenhagen’s Hippie “Free Town” Guides & Tips You're Only a Copenhagen Expert If You've Done These 13 Things. Some of the most impressive works of art from this period are housed in the Bardo Museum in the center of the city. 10 of the Top Things to Do in Tunisia, North Africa Your Trip to Morocco: The Complete Guide Tunisia Travel: Visas, Health, Transport, & More Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia: The Complete Guide Algeria Travel Guide: Essential Facts and Information Your Trip to Israel: The Complete Guide Libya Travel Guide: Essential Facts and Information Atlas … Companies may restructure their debt before the debt is due, and the accounting can get complex. Share Pin Email Tell us why! To discover the history behind Sidi Bou Said's unique architecture, visit the Neo-Moorish home of Baron Rodolphe d'Erlanger. In spite of these attacks, cafes are still serving coffee, the men are still smoking sheesha, children are still walking to school, and people are even back to sunbathing on the beach. Tunisian banks will probably ask to see your passport when you change money. However, the recent ISIS-led terror attacks in Sousse and Tunis, both in tourist locations, have put the country on edge. Anyone can buy beer and wine from the large chains like Carrefour and Monoprix (though on Fridays, alcohol is only sold from these stores in the suburbs, and you must show ID to prove you are not Muslim). Most meals are served with a small side plate of harissa, and any sandwich maker will slather harissa on the bread. In addition to the information you can find on these forums, I would recommend taking a good travel guide with you (I used the Rough Guide to Tunisia) for in-depth information about the different areas of the country, places to visit, cultural information, etc. Chou Chou near Le Passage will bring you mergez ojja (shakshuka on steroids) served in clay bowls with a side of three baguettes, and fried fish couscous with fava beans from Cafe Maklaoui in the souq is another highlight. His favorite tale to tell was that of Dido, the Phoenician princess who established Carthage, the ancient city on which Tunis is founded, around 814 BC. Along the Mediterranean coast, resort towns like Hammamet provide an abundance of sun and sea; while the southern Sahara is populated by dramatic desert landscapes, fascinating Berber villages and abandoned Star Wars sets. With a total land mass of 59,984 square miles/155,360 square kilometers, Tunisia is slightly larger than the state of Georgia. Depending on your planned activities, some travelers may want to consider rabies and hepatitis B injections as well. These are some things that you should consider when you're wandering around. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. In the souq, head to Ali’s Cultural Cafe, where the prices are steep (2.500 dinar – around $1.50 – for a mint tea) but the views are serene, or Foundouk El Attarine (located in the Souk des Parfumeurs) and Etoile de la Medina, both housed in glamorous hidden courtyards. … The story goes that following a series of unfortunate events (widowhood, refugee status, near destitution), Dido found herself on the shores of North Africa, where she asked a Berber king for some land as a refuge. Another interesting thing you should note is that blended fabrics of different colors, sizes, patterns, … There are only a couple hundred Tunisian Jews left in the city (most have moved to France or Israel), and even fewer Tunisian Christians, but their cultural contributions are still around. Islam remains a strong cultural and political force here, but a certain class of Tunisians have adopted more secular ways of life, and these different identities co-exist awkwardly. Sometimes, people will actually say, “Countries like India and Africa…”, but more often they simply refer to Africa as though the entire continent faced similar problems or had similar cultures or histories. Keep an eye out for rare desert wildlife and revel in the splendor of wilderness sunrises and sunsets. There is no risk of malaria in Tunisia. The right hand, meanwhile, gets to pinch cheeks, shovel food into the mouth, and exchange money. Otherwise, buy an exfoliating glove and a bar of soap, and follow the people rolling suitcases down the street to the nearest hammam. Currency - Tunisian dinar is the official currency in Tunisia. Around the corner on Avenue Habib Bourguiba is the much more imposing Cathedral de St. Vincent de Paul, a Catholic monument built by the French. If you Buy It Now, you'll only be purchasing this item. One of the last stops on the TGM is Sidi Bou Said, a tiny artist enclave built on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean and painted entirely in white and blue. The nuns are Italian and … It’s used whenever referring to the future, which can be slightly scary when you tell your grandmother you’ll see her tomorrow and she solemnly replies insha’Allah. To hail a cab, look out for the red (not green!) Water and soap are viewed as cleaner than toilet paper, and following Islamic practice, your left hand is reserved for the dirty task. Read on for 10 more things you should know about Cointreau. Also … Tunisia’s Revolution – the spark for the Arab Spring – started when a street vendor set himself on fire in December 2010 after being humiliated by a municipal officer. 2. If you look at my past posts - Tunisiamad - you'll find most things you need to know. Discover 18 hidden attractions, cool sights, and unusual things to do in Tunisia from Leftover Star Wars Sets to Monument to Mohamed Bouazizi. One of the best neighborhoods to see these buildings is La Fayette, near Passage. Few are ambivalent about tuna fish or eggs, the two diamonds on Tunisia’s culinary crown, and Tunis will be a more enjoyable experience if you love them with the same fervor as Tunisians do. Depending on your tastes and limits, ask for schwaya (a little) or barsha (a lot). Alternatively, get scrubbed and steamed on a marble slab under the tiled domes of a hammam. Walking is the best way to get around Tunis, but note that unofficially, pedestrians do not have the right of way and you should maneuver your body as though it were a large truck. You can choose to explore by 4x4 or as people have done since Biblical times: on the back of a camel. Sit for as long as you can tolerate in the steam room, to prepare your skin. It’s fair to say that Bulgaria’s coast is the most popular part of the country with tourists. Spend the day exploring the winding streets and souks of the medina, or admiring Roman ruins at nearby Carthage. It helps to have a few MBs of data on your phone; most cabs aren’t equipped with GPS, and you could spend a hefty amount of time driving around in circles. Cointreau uses three types of orange in its liqueur: sweet, macerated, and bitter. Tunisia's official religion is Islam and approximately 99% of the population identify as Sunni Muslims. Bezness is a problem and women entering into relationships with men from these countries do need to exercise caution and be aware of the tactics employed by unscrupulous men. The centre of Islamic history in Tunisia is Kairouan, a city in the … The resultant fabric, which comes with unique properties, is relatively clean and easier to care for. On Avenue de la Liberte there is La Grande Synagogue de Tunis, guarded by several police officers and an imposing stretch of barbed wire. Otherwise, the young and beautiful sip imported Heineken at Villa 78, an overgrown garden complete with twinkling fairy lights – and free snacks. Nigeria is still at the early stages in playing a critical role in vaccine development. For most of its history, Tunis has been home to a sizeable population of Christians and Jews. Or haggle in the souks, sipping glasses of mint tea while you … If you’re a guy, an all-male maqhwa (cafe) can be a wonderful place to sit, smoke a sheesha, and immediately make half-a-dozen friends. Manufacturers create blended fabrics by using a combination of one or multiple numbers of fibers. An unlikely project has turned the ancient village of Erriadh on Tunisia’s Djerba island into a sprawling open-air graffiti exhibition. If you are visiting religious sites or more remote areas of Tunisia, you should dress more modestly. Tunisia may have been the scene of some scary incidents recently, but on the whole it’s a safe, peaceful place that tourists love to visit. But here’s what you should know about the legitimate lotteries – they always subtract taxes and fees from your winnings. You can still get by in Tunis with a few words of French, and walking around certain neighborhoods, it’s impossible to forget the legacy of French colonialism. Tunisians, with their penchant for oil and sugar which has led to soaring rates of heart disease, do not adhere to the almond and yogurt-laced Mediterranean Diet. In addition to that, most of the blended fabrics available in the market are more comfortable than ordinary fabric. Rainfall is almost non-existent, though winter nights in the desert can get chilly. Thinking he was getting the far better deal, he graciously agreed to sell only what could be encompassed by an oxhide. When I eventually got to my hostel it had stopped just shy of 400pesos. In the Sahara, summers are typically scorching and those with a low tolerance for extreme heat may prefer to travel during the winter (November to February). The Théâtre de L’Étoile du Nord is a better option, which runs a theater and coffee shop and is the preferred stomping ground of young Tunisian leftists. Sure, the country’s coast on the Black Sea is home to plenty of nice sand beaches and historic … The nuns are Italian and Egyptian and most of the patrons are West African and European; they offer Sunday services in Italian, French, and English. Last one . Tunisia has a split personality. Travel to Mongolia: Here Are Top Things You Should Know. If you look at my past posts - Tunisiamad - you'll find most things you need to know. Topics include: 1:21 - Overview on debt restructuring. Visitors come to admire panoramic Mediterranean views and to explore a plethora of art galleries, boutiques and open-air cafés. If dessert sand is not your thing, bring your diving gear and take the plunge into the seas off … Get out to the ‘burbs. You do know this, but people frequently refer to Africa as though it were a country. For those venturing to Bulgaria, here are 9 endearing or important things to know about visiting. Make sure you tell the driver to turn on the meter – a drive across the city, with no traffic, shouldn’t cost more than 10 dinar. 100 Things You Should Know About Ancient Rome (1... by MacDonald, Fiona Hardback . Join the locals at a café after the last notes of the call to prayer have faded, or puff on apple-scented shisha as you watch old men play dominos. Drug laws are harsh, and being caught with even a small amount of marijuana is punishable by up to five years in jail (and you do not want to go to Tunisian prison).

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